Fasteners + Connectors Solutions

Green-Tek offers a complete range of plastic fasteners and connectors that are suitable for poly, energy curtains, nets, screens and shade cloth. The connectors are easy and quick to install and are designed for different applications.

Produced from top quality nylon plastic with UV protection, each type of connector is designed to be used for a specific type of netting and is specific to the manner in which the netting covers the structure.

Nylon Grommet

Connects the net to rope, cable hooks or bungles.

Excellent quality and strength for years of use! Compre to cheaper versions made of softer cheaper plastics.

  • Recommended distance between connectors: 1’ – 1.5’.
  • UV resistant.
  • Multi-season

Shark Bite

The Ultimate Gripper-Fastener for almost any netting, fabric, or film!

Thanks to its remarkable set of “SHARK TEETH”, the Shark Bite™ will grab onto almost any fabric, netting, film or substrate, and NOT LET GO. Made of tough, UV resistant nylon, the Shark Bite™ is easy to use and will provide years of service in all types of weather!

Shark Bites™ work great as a replacement for any fabric fastener, especially grommets, Velcro, snaps and ground staples. Instant repairs are easy with the Shark Bite™. Torn and missing grommets are no match. Keep a supply of Shark Bites™ on hand for your next emergency repair!

Use and re-use on:

  • Tarps
  • Silo/Bunker Film
  • Car/Boat/RV Covers
  • Banners/Signs
  • Canvas/Tents
  • Poly Film
  • Nets
  • Awnings
  • Curtains/Backdrops
  • Drop Cloths
  • Shade Cloth
  • Weed Barrier and Geo-textiles

Instant Curtains

Double Hook for Net

Quick connector of net to cable

  • Quick connection between the triangle connector and the wire.
  • UV resistant.
  • Multi-season

Pin Connector for Net

Multi-use Connector

  • Connects net sheets together.
  • Fastens the net to the cable (without a need for another device).
  • Extremely quick installation.
  • Special clasp to prevent slipping off the net.
  • Recommended distance between connectors: 1’-1.5
  • UV resistant
  • Multi-season