Horticulture & Agriculture Specialty Fans

Our powerful and economical line of specialty circulation and exhaust fans improves the growing environment of any building by refreshing stagnant air, reducing temperature, and humidity variations. Green-Tek’s team of design engineers has developed ventilation components that are energy efficient, quiet, and low maintenance.

Ideal for the following locations

  • Greenhouses and Nurseries
  • Dairy, Hog and Poultry Farm
  • Factories
  • Warehouses

HAF Basket Fans

HAF Fan Series

HAF fans are easy to install and will give years of trouble-free service. The ideal spacing is every 50’ but call one of our ventilation design engineers for proper sizing of your HAF fan or a recommendation.


  • Air de-stratification in buildings can reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 35%.
  • Ideal for Greenhouses, Industrial and Agricultural applications.
  • Create an air exchange when placed in a wall.
  • Low horsepower motor means low energy cost.
  • Insect control when creating an air velocity of 300 FPM or more.
  • Complete with 9’ cord.


  • Standard OSHA safety guards on intake and exhaust.
  • Polyester powder coated guard for corrosion resistance.
  • Versatile wall and ceiling mount pivots 180˚ and fan can turn 360˚.
  • Motors are totally enclosed, maintenance free, high efficiency with sealed ball bearings and UL/ULC certified.
Part #SizeBladeCordCarton sizeCu FTWt. lb
Part #SizeDriveHPSpdVoltPhAMPRPMHZCFM @ 0" SP Hi/LoCFM Per Watt @ 0" S.P.FPM @ 50'

High Velocity Basket Fan

Out tapered intake and exhaust guard is designed for optimum performance, maximum air velocity and distance covered. The OSHA approved safety guard means the fan can be mounted at any height. Our totally enclosed air over motor can be used in the harshest greenhouse environments.

12 inch HVB Fan with exclusive 3 year motor warranty (warranty covers 12 model only).

Ideal Applications

  • Exceptional air velocity and throw is ideal for cooling and heat de-stratification in greenhouses.
  • Create a consistent air temperature in greenhouses.
  • Insect control when creating a velocity of 300 feet per minute.
  • Used to change the air in shipping trucks and containers when loading or unloading.
  • Machine and compressor cooling.
  • Surface drying for wet floors.


  • Polyester powder coated guards for corrosion resistance.
  • Versatile wall and ceiling mount pivots 180˚ and fan can turn 360˚.
  • Most powerful basket fans in the market today based on size and motor horsepower.
  • Designed for optimum air throw and coverage.

  • Industry leading fan efficiency, up to 26 CFM/Watt.

Variable Speed Exhaust Fans

Shutter Fan Series

These fans combines our aluminum shutter with our high performance motor and blade series. Available in 12” up to 24”, the heavy duty high efficiency motor is designed to work in the harshest Greenhouse Environment and is virtually maintenance free. The painted OSHA intake guard is corrosion resistant, safe and strong. The heavy aluminum blade is balanced and moves the maximum amount of air quietly. The matching designed maintenance motor and blade combination makes this fan series very energy efficient. The fans are available with optional 9’ cord so no electrician is required. The Green-Tek series exhaust fans are easy to install and will give years of trouble free service. Call one of our ventilation design engineers for proper sizing of your shutter exhaust fan or a recommendation of a Green-Tek complete Greenhouse environmental system.


  • Designed for horticultural, agricultural, factories, warehouses, garages, attics and restaurants.
  • Remove and control unwanted condensation
  • Exhaust obnoxious fumes
  • Exhaust excessive heat
  • Improve inside air quality


  • Fan is totally assembled
  • Motor is totally enclosed maintenance free, high efficiency, sealed ball bearings and UL/ULC certified.
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum shutter with tie bar to reduce shutter flapping and opening on windy days.
  • One year limited warranty
  • Safety grill on intake side meets OSHA standards. Fan must be mounted 7’ above ground level on the exhaust side to meet OSHA standards. Optional safety grills are available.

Product Specifications

Part #SizeBladeCordCarton SizeCu FtWt. Lb
SFV12C12"2-Alum9'16" X 16" X 13"1.9322.399
SFV16C16"3-Alum9'20" X 20" X 13"3.0126.174
SFV20C20"3-Alum9'24" X 24" X 13"4.3431.537
SFV24C24"3-Alum9'28" X 28" X 14.5"6.6047.067
Part #SizeDriveHPSpdVoltPhAMP Hi/LoRPMHZCFM 0" SP Hi/LoCFM .05" SP Hi/LoCFM .10" SP Hi/LoCFM .20" SP Hi/LoCFM Per Watt 0" SP Hi/LoNoise DBRough Opening
SFV12C12"DD1/10VAR11511.01725601200/4001140/3801080/360900/30011/955/5012.5 X 12.5
SFV16C16"DD1/10VAR11511.01725602100/7351995/7001890/6601575/55015/1355/5016.5 X 16.5
SFV20C20"DD1/10VAR11511.01725603850/13503650/12753465/12102890/100018/1457/5220.5 X 20.5
SFV24C24"DD1/2VAR11514.81725606250/22005940/20805625/19704690/164018/1458/5324.5 X 24.5

Fiberglass Exhaust Fans

Fiberglass Exhaust Fans

GT Fiberglass Exhaust fans are designed to provide a full spectrum of ventilation requirements. The 12” to 72” Fiberglass Exhaust Fan Series covers a wide range of CFM performance and industry leading air movement and efficiency. The 72” is a high output and high efficient exhaust fan. This fan produces an astounding 65,000 CFM and 30 CFM/WATT at 0” static pressure. This large fan is variable speed with a variable frequency drive and can replace many smaller less efficient fans. By replacing many smaller fans you can reduce your installed cost and save on electrical operating and maintenance cost. The 72” also gives you more CFM per fan size than any other fan. Less fans mean less cost and more light in your greenhouse.


  • Great air throw pattern for heat de-stratification.
  • Ideal greenhouse spacing 50’, but call your Green-Tek ventilation engineer for proper design recommendations.
  • Air de-stratification in buildings can reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 35%.
  • Ideal for Greenhouses, Industrial and Agricultural applications.
  • Create an air exchange when placed in a wall.
  • Low horse power motor means low energy cost.
  • Machine, people and compressor cooling.
  • Heat stress relief.
  • Insect control when creating an air velocity of 300 FPM or more.


  • Thick and corrosion resistant fiberglass housings with limited lifetime warranty.
  • Industry leading performance and efficiency.
  • Totally enclosed, maintenance free, high efficiency motors.
  • Shipped fully assembled except for discharge cones and guards.
  • Extremely quiet operation on all speeds.
  • Available in white or black fiberglass finishes.
  • Automatic belt tensioner on all belt drive fans.
  • Shutters available in plastic and aluminum.
  • 12”, 18”, 24”, 36”, 52” and 72” models available.
  • Optional smooth speed adjustment variable frequency drives for the 72” fan increases belt and motor life.
  • 2 year warranty on the motors.
  • Lifetime warranty on cast aluminum blades.
  • One year warranty on all parts.
  • Optional inside winter panels available.

12” – 36” Features

  • Balanced 3 paddle blades.
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum base mount.
  • Direct drive maintenance free motors.
  • Energy efficient.

52” Features

  • Balanced 52” heavy duty cast aluminum blade with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Available 1 HP and 2 HP motors.
  • Cog (AX) Belt drive with automatic tensioners.
  • Hot dipped galvanized motor mount and base.


72” Features

  • Balanced 72” heavy duty corrosion resistant 6 paddle aluminum.
  • On high speed produces 65,000 CFM and 30 CFM/watt at 0” static pressure.
  • On low speed produces 10,000 CFM and 30 CFM/watt at 0” static pressure.
  • Optional variable frequency drive allows you a smooth speed adjustment from 300 RPM down to 80 RPM. Fan power consumption reduces with speed. Make sure you have a minimum shutter opening on low speed of 1”.
  • 72” fan performance independently tested.

Product Specifications


  • When designing a proper ventilation system you want to transition from minimum ventilation to maximum ventilation as smoothly as possible. With our 72” fiberglass fan and our optional variable frequency drives you can smoothly go from 10,000 CFM to 65,000 CFM making it the most versatile fan in the market.
  • Our 12”, 18”, 24”, 36” and 52” fans have excellent performance and efficiency.
  • Fiberglass housings and cones are stronger and thicker than our competition.
  • Fiberglass is a corrosion resistant and easy to clean surface. Our fiberglass discharge cones are designed not to stick out as far as conventional exhaust fans.
  • Shorter cones are protected from snow and ice damage by most roof overhangs. The large cones on our competition work well in laboratory environments but do not perform as well outdoors, nor stand up well to the wind blowing against them.
  • Our fiberglass fans series is ideal for tunnel or exhaust ventilation in greenhouse dairy, poultry, swine, factories and warehouses.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor is 3 HP or 2.2KW on high and .3KW on low 230/460, 3 phase VAC.
  • Belt drive runs 315 RPM on high and 80 RPM on low.
  • Optional variable frequency drive.
  • Outside dimensions 77” X 77” X 32”
Part #SizeDriveHPVoltPHAMPRPMWatts UsedCFM 0" SPCFM/Watt 0" SPCFM .05" SPCFM/Watt .05" SPCFM .10" SPCFM/Watt .10" SPCFM .15" SPCFM/Watt .15" SPCFM .20" SPCFM/Watt .20" SPShutter
Without Cone
With Cone
FRP SizeBladeRough OpeningCone Spacing Min.
12"3-Alum15.25" x 15.25"
18"3-Alum25.75" x 25.75"
24"3-Alum31.75" x 31.75"36"
36"3-Glav43.75" x 43.75"48"
52"3-Cast Alum58.75" x 58.75"62.5"
72"6-Alum78" x 78"86"