green-tek shades

Decorative Colors and Aluminet Shade Nets

Shade Rite – Quality Knitted Black and Colored Shade Nets. 

Shade Solutions and Crop Protection for UV and Heat Sensitive Plants.

  • Shade Solutions
  • Shade Sails
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming Pools Shade
  • Pergolas
  • Garden Balconies
  • Permanent and mobile shade structures.
  • Truck Tarps
  • Tennis Courts and Ball Diamond
  • Better ventilation and water permeable. Open lockstitch design reduces wind speed and heat buildup in structure
  • Lightweight and easy to install. 20-25% lighter than woven shade cloth with dramatically more strength. Can be cut on site and will not ravel
    UV protection. UV resistant, high density polyethylene
  • Chemical resistant. Resists most horticultural chemicals, sprays and detergents.
  • Reduce soil moisture loss. Less evaporation
  • Tough lockstitch knitted construction. Resists rips, tears and fraying. Shade levels remain constant during product life
  • Cost effective. Minimal edge taping and swing thanks to knitted lockstitch



Various Accessories to Fasten Nets to Wires/Cables

  1. Plastic Clip – Locking the net, after creating a hem. Between the clip parts by the brackets, 50cm between clips
  2. Plastic Clip with a bridge – as above when the net house cord is inserted in the bridge
  3. Pin – a smooth plastic needle, with a handle and a push button for convenient insertion and to prevent releasing of the pin, 40 cm between pins.
  4. Metal Clip – 20 cm wide, especially suitable for 30% black shading net. 50 cm between clips.
  5. Stork Clip – to be used only in nets with strengthening strings at the edges. 40cm between the clips.
  6. Fast Connection Clasp – fastens to the bridge clip (only), and enables fastening and releasing of cables and wires.