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Polyethylene Films

Green-Tek’s range of  Polycarbonate Rigid Glazing solutions for a full range of agricultural structures from greenhouse covers that result in increased yields to long-term livestock cladding that is easy to install and maintain. Green-tek’s glazing materials help control climatic conditions, eliminate condensation dripping, confront weathering and chemical issues and increase the lifespan of your agricultural structures.


Products for Greenhouses and Ag Structures
4 Year Films 6 mil Polyethylene Films
4 Year Infra Red/Anti-Condensate 8 mil Films with Infra Red and Anti-Condensate
Solar-Ice Cooling Film 4 yr film - lowers temp in daytime heat
Overwintering 3 or 5 mil film for overwinter protection
GT Black-White Black out and Sileage Film
GT Flame Retardent Flame Retardent White Poly Film
GT Reinforced Poly Patch tape
Accessories Profies for use with Polycarbonate Sheet