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DynaGlas® SolarSoft Corrugated Polycarbonate

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DynaGlas® is now available with exclusive SolarSoft™ pigmentation. SolarSoft features all the advanced technology of DynaGlas Plus, such as 100% UV protection and guaranteed condensate control, but with SolarSoft pigmentation, you reap the benefits of up to 100% light diffusion.  


The purpose of this added technology is to diffuse the light that is transmitted through the sheet, while still transmitting a high level of PAR light (85% or 90%). The mechanical properties of DynaGlas SolarSoft can be considered the same as other types of DynaGlas, such as Clear, LDT, White/Opal or Gray.


Diffusing the sun’s direct radiation has been found to be beneficial for plants. With DynaGlas SolarSoft, plants or flowers get very high levels of PAR light, but direct radiation of infrared is removed, which helps to reduce leaf temperature and plant burning. Furthermore, light penetrates deeper into the canopy,
improving plant growth.


Type of DynaGlas and Pigmentation
SolarSoft can also be beneficial for humans. A person standing under DynaGlas SolarSoft, while receiving almost the same amount of light as with Clear or LDT, will not feel harsh heatgiving radiation from the sun, and therefore will feel much more comfortable. The SolarSoft resin component is UV protected
with the same co-extrusion protection as all other DynaGlas products (99.9% UV protection).


DynaGlas SolarSoft incorporates technology that has been used to manufacture polycarbonate products for other markets for several years, thereby ensuring excellent performance, durability, and UV protection.

durability, and UV protection.

dynaGlasAll DynaGlas  products feature built-in condensation control that is second to none. In fact, the performance is so good it's backed by a 10-year limited warranty.





DynaGlas SolarSoft™ is the first corrugated panel to offer up to 100% light diffusion while also transmitting a minimum of 85% of the sun's valuable light.
The light diffusion properties are comparable to polyethylene film.  While also transmitting a high percentage of the sun's valuable PAR light. The result is excellent growth, but a significantly reduced need for shading during hotter periods


SolarSoft 90 is recommended for virtually any greenhouse application where light diffusion is desired


SolarSoft 85 is recommended for high light areas where shading is typically required during summer months, or where growers desire light transmission and diffusion similar to double-poly film or fiberglass

    • High PAR light transmission (up 90%)
    •  Diffused, softer light (up to 100% diffusion)
    • Less shadows cast by structural members and/or curtain systems
    • Deeper penetration of light into the plant canopy
    • 100% UV protection
    Product Name Dynaglas Plus, Dynaglas Solar Soft
    Standard Length Up to 48 ft
    Standard Width 49.6" (73.6” width special order)
    Thickness .03” (0.8mm)
    Standard colors

    Clear, Opal (white), Grey, Diffused

    Light Transmission Characteristics

    DynaGlas offers the same sparkling clarity as glass. But because DynaGlas requires no shade casting glazing system, DynaGlas transmits as much as 7% more light than glass. DynaGlas Plus SolarSoft 85™ offers high light transmission (85%), but also offers 100% light diffusion, helping to spread light throughout the greenhouse and reduce shadows.


    dnaGlas Plus


    DynaGlas Technical Specifications


    Dimensions Value (English (Metric))
    Panel Widths (gross) 49.6" or
    73.6" (1260 mm or 1870 mm)
    Panel Widths (net after one corrugation overlap) 47.8" (±4 ft) or 71.8" (±6 ft) (1216 mm or 1824 mm)
    Panel Lengths (custom cut to specification) 3' to 38' (914 mm to 11580 mm)
    Corrugation/Wave Depth Greca 0.625" (16 mm) | Omega .591" (15mm)
    Corrugation/Wave Pitch 2.99" (76 mm)
    Weight Greca .24 lbs./sf (1220 g/m2) | Omega Greca .23 lbs./sf (1104 g/m2)
    Thickness 0.03" (0.8 mm)
    Number of Corrugations/Waves
    17 (49.6” panel) or 25 (73.6” panel)
    Thermal Value (English (Metric)) Test Method
    Optimal Service Temperature Range
    - 40° F to +212° F (- 40° C to + 100° C)  
    Maximum Service Temperature 270° F (132° C)  
    Minimum Service Temperature
    - 103° F (- 75 ° C)
    Heat Deflection Temperature Load, 275° F (psi) 275 ASTM D-648

    R / U-Factor and K-Value
    R = .83 / U 1.20 = (K = 5.8 W/m2 K)  
    Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 3.6 x 10 -5 in./in./°F (6.5 x 10 -5 cm/cm/°C) ASTM D-696
    Thermal Conductivity BTU/lb. (F°) 1.4 ASTM C-177
    Tensile Strength at Yield, 2 in./min. (psi) 9,000 ASTM D-638
    Tensile Strength at Break, 2 in./min. (psi) 9,500 ASTM D-638
    Elongation at Yield, 2 in./min. (%) > 6 % ASTM D-638
    Elongation at Break, 2 in./min. (%) > 80 % ASTM D-638
    Tensile Modulus, 0.04 in./min. (psi) 340,000 ASTM D-638
    Flexural Modulus 0.052 in./min. (psi) 310,000 ASTM D-790
    Flexural Strength at Yield, 0.052 in./min. (psi) 13,500 ASTM D-790
    Shear Strength (psi) 6,180 Factory Test
    Izod Impact Strength, Notched (73° F), ft./lb./in. 18 ASTM D-256
    Rockwell Hardness, R Scale 118 ASTM D-785
    Impact Resistance (falling dart) 444 in. lbs. (50 joules) ISO 6603/1
    OSHA point-29 Passed 200 lb. CFR 1910.23 (e) (8)
    Uplift Passed UL 90 UL 580
    Longitudinal Bending Radius 16' (4.9 m) recommended; 13’ (4 m) min.  
    Light Transmission/Diffusion Light Transmission Diffusion  
    Clear (DynaGlas Plus) 92 % >1% ASTM D-1003
    LDT 90.5% 10% ASTM D-1003
    SolarSoft 90™ 90% 40% ASTM D-1003
    SolarSoft 85™ 85% 100% ASTM D-1003
    Translucent White 42% 100% ASTM D-1003
    Transparent Gray 35% 10% ASTM D-1003
    UV Light Transmission (all products) < 1 %  
    UV Protection (co-extruded; not laquer or laminate) DG SE & Plus, 1 side; DG UV2™ both sides Factory Test
    Yellowness Index < 1 ASTM D-1925
    Solar Heat Gain, ft.2 (BTU/hr.)    
    Clear LDT 215  
    White-Opal 128  
    Gray 120  
    Flammability Rating CC2 (CC1 available if required) ASTM D-635-91
    Self Ignition 1030° F (554° C) UBC Standard 52-3
    Flash Ignition 840° F (449° C) UBC Standard 52-3
    Smoke Density (%) 51 ASTM D-2843
    Smoke Developed 47.0 UL 723 (ASTM E-84)
    Flame Spread 4.7 (Class A UL 723 (ASTM E-84)
    Condensation Control Built-in; proprietary (10-year warranty) Factory Test
    0.030" to 0.032" (0.77 mm to 0.83 mm) Factory Test
    Length 0 to + 0.5" (0 to +15 mm) Factory Test
    Width ± .4" (± 10 mm) Factory Test
    Visual Defects (inclusions, bubbles, black specks, gel, etc.) If defect is not visible by inspection from a distance of 1 meter, it is not considered to be a defect. Surface abrasion may occur in transit. This is not
    considered a defect as DynaGlas is not intended for “architectural optical
    clarity” applications. This type of abrasion will not affect durability.